After the hot humid months, when the winter brings some much needed respite from the heat. But it also brings its own challenges like seasonal colds or what to do to protect your child from seasonal illnesses. So welcome the winter with a happy smile on their face and the most monsoons have bid their goodbye. The ideal picture for a new mother spending time with her kid in the winter is being snuggled in a blanket, cradling the child in one hand, a warm bowl of soup in the other and reading a nice book. But dreamy scenario can easily be shattered by the little one falling sick. New born baby care in winter is one of the prime responsibilities and your child requires all the help he can get to stay healthy throughout the months.



  • Say no to colds in the cold.
  • Keep warm in chilly winter.
  • Lay on light layers.
  • Sustainable head gear.
  • Dressing for a crazy sleep.

What kind of clothes are best for winter?

  • You can peel a layer off or add one when needed. Keep the extremities covered with socks and mittens for extra warmth.
  • If the weather is cold, it is the best way to dress your child in layers ( as in soft and warm material ) in this way you can add or remove a layer as needed.
  • Long sleeved inner or oneness under long sleeved bodysuit.
  • Use woolen cardigan or sweater made from soft but warm material such as flannel or fleece.

Remember that your baby’s skin is more sensitive than yours. If you notice your baby’s skin get red or irritated where the wool touches it, use a softer fabric to keep her warm. Always have a layer of cotton or other such soft and breathable material directly on your baby’s skin. 

Dress up your toddler for winter coup which requires strategy and good amount of floor wrestling. “

Dress your little one like the petals of a flower, with several light layers of clothing rather than one big heavy outfit. Make sure you also have enough stock of pretty head gears, mittens, cozy socks and snowsuits. Infants see the world from their mother’s eyes, so it’s you who has to address the little one’s every need right from day one. 

” The birds are gone, the world is white,

The winds are wild, they chill and bite,

The ground is thick with slush and sleet,

And I can barely feel my feet.

The last is done, the next is here,

The same as it is every year,

Spring – then summer – autumn – snow.

This is how each year must go. “

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