Introducing INDRAJAL – The Future Of Kids Fashion Retail



Why you need to make your Kids Fashion stores Omni Channel and how easy it is using INDRAJAL.

Traditional Retailers are suffering

Today Retail industry is in great stress with E commerce eating away their lunch! Footfalls are falling, sales are going down and inventory is piling up.


Kids Fashion Retail

This problem is acute in Kids Fashion Retail because of:
1. Lower ASP: With selling price of products as low as ₹99, it is very difficult to profitably sell online.
2. Wider range: More options are required in Kids fashion because of multiple sizes and changing preferences across infants, toddlers and Juniors. Thus, any issue in inventory is magnified.
3. High frequency of buying: Customer behavior has changed in the Kids space. Parents buy as many as 5-6 times in a year. They may buy some times in store, and online on other times. Any retailer with Online strategy not in sync with its offline strategy will suffer loss in sales.

Current Online Strategy


Traditional Retailers are also trying to get onto the online bandwagon. For most the strategy is to sell on online marketplaces through a centralized warehouse. But the cost of managing the warehouse and delivery is too high. Plus they need to keep a separate inventory for
online customers. Retailers are therefore using this channel only for liquidation of old season stock.
For a customer the online and offline stores of a retailer is the same. She wants a similar experience on both the channels. For instance, she wants the latest in-season products to be available online also. Therefore, the retailer’s online and offline strategy should be completely in sync in terms of products, offerings and data.

Introducing INDRAJAL


INDRAJAL, the technology platform by, achieves this by bringing online, offline, logistics and data on a single platform. It provides a single and live view of the inventory and customers across channels.
INDRAJAL leverages the existing inventory in stores (and warehouses, if you still want to have one) to sell online on Our engineering team performs the task of
integrating with your ERP system. Retailers can make their store OmniChannel without worrying about Technology, last mile delivery and investments.
Some of the benefits of INDRAJAL:
 Sell online whatever you have in your stores
 No warehouse, no separate inventory is required
 Never miss out on Out-of-Stock sales
 Deliver to your customers using your store staff (depending on the distance)
 Ease of store operations as Order management is integrated with your POS


The Economics Of An OMNI – CHANNEL Store


For any retailer the difference between an average store and a very good store is only 15-20% of additional sales. Let us look at the PnL of a Traditional Store and a similar INDRAJAL enabled store.
In the above example a 20% increase in sales through INDRAJAL has resulted in a two-third increase in profits!
You can do all this with ZERO additional investment!
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