Your Winter Foot-robe

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Shoes that can turn any kid into a superhero, shoes that stimulate infants to walk more, shoes that will tie your laces for you. If all this sounds cool to you, imagine how a child would react to a shoe like that. Here are some shoe technologies that are out there, making the world a better place for children, keeping awake their imagination, inspiring them to exercise more and shaping a healthier everyday life for them.


If you have already packed all those summer dresses and cleared your kids closet, it is safe to assume that youʼv already started to prepare for the season. Your little one is going to need a complete wardrobe makeover and footwear is a major player you need to deal with,without any doubt. You can say itʼs going to be a bumpy ride.

The tons of different styles, colors or prints for your kid’s winter a boots can be difficult to address without a thorough research.

One is the shoe that will ‘erase one task’ from your( or better your child’s) everyday to do list. You only need your weight to activate it. So whenever you put it on, it detects your weight and ties your shoes for you. The shoe adapts to the natural motion of your foot and is reliable for any type of outdoor terrain and suitable for everyday wear. In that way, you will get a precise and comfortable fit, every time you wear your shoes.


This technology might be cool for everybody and could save some time and simplify shoes for all of us, but probably kids would be the ones most excited, not only for the convenience of the shoe but also the idea behind it.

The right shoes for your childʼs stage of development.

Shoes for toddlers are designed to fit the unique dimensions of your toddler’s foot. At this stage, their feet are becoming leaner and the arch more defined. Our Collection allows their feet to move as nature intended as they start to walk confidently, run and jump. Be sure, you should always try both shoes on your child’s feet, in the toddler stage, especially, as each foot may change at a slightly different rate meaning both shoes may not fit exactly the same.


Shoes for infants and our collections for first walkers are specifically designed to fit the dimension of an infant and toddler foot. When measuring an infant or toddler for a pair of shoes, it’s important to account for the fatty portions of the foot. Only let your little ones wear shoes that do not put undue pressure on any area of the foot or restrict movement in any way. This will prevent any possible damage to the bones and connective tissues that are still growing and developing.

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