Do you remember your good old days when you played as if there was no tomorrow? The time when you did not care whether your whites were turning brown or the orange lollies dripped on to your frock or when you went chasing behind the speeding ball unbothered about the thorny bushes tearing your clothes. These are the sweet memories of growing up, isn’t it?


“ Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn”, says O. Fred Donaldson, an intentionally recognized play specialist. As a parent, you know this is true!
Toddlers are naturally curious and active explorers. It is how they learn. This is why prioritising your little one’s clothing for playtime becomes super important.

As long as the child is comfortable and appropriately dressed, fun and learning will happen naturally. Choosing clothes for playtime is not always an easy decision due to various reasons. There are too many choices which can be confusing. Today it maybe windy, tomorrow it may be bright and sunny. Your child has fussy choices regarding clothes: no zips, or buttons or collars! You may be sceptical about the colour, quality, size or fit. So how can you make the right choice?

Whether you have a boy or a girl, the following tips can help you choose the right play wear:

Tip 1



Be ready. Your child will go on his / her knees, crawl, sit, stand, run and grab things.The clothing has to be casual enough to let hands and legs move freely. Covering the knees is a good idea to avoid scraping in case they fall. Don’t shy away from using a diaper, in case your child is not toilet trained.

Tip 2

Dress up for the occassion


Keep the dressing simple. Choose clothes with no elaborate cuts and designs.You would not want the clothes to become a hindrance when he / she is running behind a butterfly or busy chasing a ball. Stay away from fancy materials, sequins, heavy designs which may rub against their sensitive skin and cause discomfort.It is a good idea to make little girls wear cycling shorts or tights under skirts or frocks.


Tip 3

Let nature Lead

Dress your child according to the weather. Cottons are favorite for summers and rainy season. Choose from a wide variety of woollen jackets, hoodies, scarves, sweaters and sweatshirts during winters and on windy weather.

Tip 4

Heads up!

Don’t let the sun or cold winds play a bad sport during your child’s playtime. Add a head gear to your shopping list and you are good to go. Choose from a wide variety of super cool caps, trendy hats, warm caps, ear caps and beanies.

Tip 5

Dont ignore the feet


The ever growing feets of your little one’s need just the right shoes and socks. Yes, your child is growing but that should not be a reason to buy a size larger than what is required. Choose the right size of shoes and socks which snugly fit on their little feet, keeping them at ease.

Tip 6

Splash it up!


Bring out the colour, the jazz, and the drama. It is definitely the time when they can look chic and trendy. May be playtime is the most memorable time of the day that you and your child looks forward to. A little bit of planning and making the right choice is all you need to make this part of your child’s growing up years picture perfect.

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