“I LOVE seeing the same baby clothes brands in every department store I visit!” is something no mom has ever said.  It can be difficult to find stylish baby clothes that stand out in the crowed.  This is one reason why we are on a mission to provide parents with better kids clothing and more family time.  


Natural baby gifts are always appreciated by new moms and baby too. If mom already has a cute wrap, here are some more fun natural baby gifts she is sure to appreciate! Read our post to learn more about sustainable fashion for kids. 


Here we’ve put together the most comprehensive list of cute baby clothes that bring unique style and trendy fashion to any baby or toddler’s wardrobe.

Here at, we love to support small businesses and work with high-quality children’s brands to give our customers unique, on-trend style for their tots!


Our little one’s are too special to dress that boring. Fashion from a young age is fun. It also teaches kids to embrace those quirks and express themselves through their own personal style and confidence.     

Our collections are made to be play ready and easy to style. is the perfect place to shop for kids clothes because you can get everything all in one place. From casual basics to holiday dress, we offer some of the most stylish finds within a family friendly budget. 


The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping for infants is comfort. Newborns have extremely sensitive skin and that might react to rough fabric. Make sure you buy clothes that are soft and breezy. If your baby is born during the colder months, opt for warmer clothes but don’t bundle them up with wool, since wool can be a little rough, instead layer them with a couple of warm clothes. When it comes to fabric go for cottons, fleece or blended fabrics that are absorbent and gentle on the skin.


Other accessories you will need are some bibs and burp cloths so that you don’t ruin your baby’s clothes while feeding. Stock up on some diaper wipes as well, they are multi-purpose and you will find yourself reaching for them often. Also buy some wearable blankets since they are way better to swaddle your baby in than regular blankets. Other must have items are socks, booties, monkey caps, tiny hats and caps.


Swaddling is a practice that has been in prevalence since the earliest human civilizations. It is the practice of wrapping infants tightly and snugly in fabric in order to restrict their movements. Swaddling has seen a rise in popularity after many centuries of absence.

How To Swaddle A Baby Step By Step?

If you do want to swaddle your baby, you must do it right. Improper swaddling techniques can loosen the joints and cause problems in the hips. Also, you must not do this if your baby resists swaddling by kicking in and about. Some babies like to have their hands free when swaddled, so pay attention to the cues your little one is giving you.


– Lay the blanket on a flat surface in a diamond shape and fold   the top corner to make space for the baby’s head.

– Place your baby in such a way that the top of the blanket is at the level of his shoulder. The baby should be placed face up.

– The left corner of the blanket is to be wrapped softly on the left arm of the baby and should be tucked on his right side.

 – Similarly, the right arm should be covered with the right corner and the blanket should be tucked on the left side.

– The bottom portion should be lightly tucked under the baby’s back, making sure that there is enough space for the movement of hips and legs. 


Shopping for a newborn is an altogether new experience and you will be startled to see the range in baby clothes. Plenty of colors and varied fabrics will steal your heart, but remember that babies grow very fast and mostly do not need everything in the store. Make wise choices, though we’d say indulge in baby shopping once in a while.

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