A toddler ‘s closet is a magical space where there are perfect ingredients to make your child look smart and adorable. But creating an ideal closet can sometimes be confusing. The choices are too many and you want the best for your precious one.

When shopping for your child, follow the 5 rule shopping mantra – S M A R T :


You definitely would want clothes that last more than just a couple of washes. Your toddler will have extensive wear and tear of clothes. Choose the ones of good quality that will last longer.


Be mindful of the number of clothes your toddler has. Remember, they grow fast.


Buying exorbitantly expensive clothes, especially party wear is something to think about. Balance is the key.


Bring in a whole new look by just following the cool rule of Mix and Match.


Bring in the color and style. Remember, being trendy does not always come with a high price.


Next comes the big question : “ What all should I have in my toddler’ s closet? ” The following 10 Essentials guideline will help you plan just the right wardrobe for your toddler.

1. Inner wear: Soft, cotton inner wears are a must have. It’s the first layer of clothing which gives an extra layer of protection to the tender skin.We suggest: A set of 7 inner wears.

2. T-shirts/tops/shirts: Have a nice mix of colorful, casual T-shirts or Tops. They are the best for playtime and casual wear. For girls, frocks are a great option.We suggest: 7 – 10 T-shirts or Tops and a couple of frocks for girls.


3. Jeans/tights/shorts/skirts: Comfortable lowers will mean easy playtime and walking around. For casual wear prefer cotton over denims.We suggest: 2 jeans, a mix of 7 – 10 tights/shorts/skirts/pants.


4. Nightwear: Loose, breathable and comfortable are the keywords here. We suggest: 3 pairs of top and bottom.


5. Warm wear: Depending on the city you live in, plan the warm clothing. In some places, warm clothes are required only during winters, while in some other places, the weather is unpredictable. Nevertheless, having couple of winter wear handy is always better. We suggest: A mix of sweaters and hoodies.


6. Feet: Cotton socks for summers and rainy season. Woolen socks for winters.
7. Party wear: This is often a difficult purchase because of the high prices and the sustainability part. Be smart and buy just as the occasion demands.
8. Colors: Stay away from pink is for girls, and blue is for boys cliche. You wouldn’t want a wardrobe filled with only pinks for your little girl and all blues for your young man. Give a good mix of colors to see a variety.
Choosing children’s clothing can vary based on many preferences. Conservative, basic styles tend to hold up longer, which is great news for parents hoping to keep clothing as hand-me-downs for their younger children.
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